An Important PCI Deadline is Fast Approaching on June 30, 2018
Cyber security is a moving target.  The technology and policies that kept users, devices and data safe at one time are eventually compromised at some point by the growing skills of cybercriminals and technology itself.  This is one of the reasons security standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) are moving targets as well.  Things never remain stationary in a world that is digitally transforming itself and security standards would not be relevant unless they dynamically changed along with the world.  Although proper attention to new compliance standards does require added work and expense, it is more than worth it in order to avoid the risk of a data breach that could destroy the reputation and financial viability of your business.  
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What are SMiShing Attacks and Why are They Increasing?
Two things are inherently true when it comes to cybercriminals.  The first is that they follow the money.  This is why ransomware grew to a billion dollar business overnight.  The second is that like water, their efforts flow towards the path of least resistance.  Cybercriminals are like many people, they go for the easy money.  Phishing has been the dominant delivery method for malware and cyberattacks for a number of years now.  However, phishing is not as easy as it used to be.  Spam filters and email gateways now react quickly in shutting down a malicious email domain.  Email security technology is now using analytics to more accurately identify behavior abnormalities and possible email threats.  Even users are growing more guarded when opening emails and are becoming more astute at identifying suspicious links and attachments.  We have a long way to go of course, but it is getting better. 

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Vulnerability Scans & Risk Assessments: Know Your Audience 
Cybersecurity is no longer a concern for just internal IT.  All levels of the organization today should have a keen awareness and involvement when it comes to cybersecurity.  That level of engagement should start at the top within the corporate boardroom and emanate downward to the mailroom.  As management becomes cognitive of the potential damage that a single cyberattack can have upon companies today, they find themselves forced into attaining a literacy of the types of threats that could potentially jeopardize the organization at large.  But that does not mean that all security analysis is appropriate for all levels of an organization. 
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Halock Newsletter Template Landing page,
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HALOCK is a Proud Sponsor of the Women in Cybersecurity Conference - WiCyS 2018
HALOCK supports the advancement of women in the cybersecurity workforce. “In one of the world’s most popular and dynamic fields, only 11% of professionals are women,” according to a recent Kaspersky report. WiCyS brings together talented professionals across academia, government agencies, and industry for educating and networking through workshops, panels, distinguished industry speakers, and more. 
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JAN 25, 2018
Midwest Cyber Security Alliance - Incident Response Plan
Presenter: Glenn Stout
FEB 13, 2018
Duty of Care Risk Analysis: Getting consensus from legal, information security, and executive management.
Presenter: Terry Kurzynski
June 6, 2018
CISO Executive Summit
Chicago, IL
June 12, 2018
SecureXII ISSA & ISACA Conference
June 12-14, 2018
Cyber Risk Summit
Philadelphia, PA
Panel: Getting to "Reasonable Cyber Risk" 
Moderator: Chris Cronin
Sept 25-26, 2018                                                                         
Forrester Privacy & Security 2018                      Washington, DC                                                       
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