85% of companies indicate 50% of their employees are now remote.

One-third of senior executives report security risks have increased.*

To address security and privacy concerns surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, HALOCK offers resources and services to support your business.


1. Security Optimized Spending (SOS) 


Organizations are asked to “do more with less” security budget and resources. Identify opportunities for optimization that have the potential to dramatically reduce your spend while responsibly managing risks. Schedule a complementary advisory and counseling session to review your current solutions and identify those that can be optimized.

2. Diagnostics on your new remote workforce set up to ensure it is secure


  • Penetration Test – Validate your security controls are equipped to protect your network.

  • Risk Assessment – Determine security risks for a new/remote working environment and mitigate the harm or negative impacts these risks may cause.


3. Fractional Security Expert


With staff reductions or additional responsibilities while supporting a remote workforce, augment your security needs with a Fractional Expert, reducing cost and ensuring expert skill availability.


    *CNBC Flash Survey

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