Tech Times
March 2017
Chrome Tips
Google Chrome has sure changed. Here are a few great tips to browse like a pro.
Search inside a webpage.
Highlight a word or set of words you would like to look up, then right click to view options. Select, “Search Google for…” to quickly look up the item selected.
Multiple tab movement
Google Chrome allows you to drag and drop multiple tabs into a new browser window by selecting the tabs while holding down the Ctrl key. Then you can move them all at once.
Reopen closed tabs.
Have you ever closed a tab that you needed? Now you can get it all back in an instant. Press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen a recently closed tab.
Save a webpage for later.
You can create a link icon right on your desktop by highlighting the website address in Chrome and dragging it to your desktop for easy reference later.
Manage your browser tasks.
Just like your Windows PC, now you can view your task manager for Chrome. Click in the upper right corner to view the menu, then click on More Tools, and select the Task Manager. You can view all of your plugins, extensions, and tabs here.
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