Company News Employee Spotlight Client Shout Out
Our President, Tracy Butler,
presenting the first stock
certificate to our longest
tenured employee, Gary,
who has been with us since
1996. "Employee-Owned"
is our motto. We all work
together to make this
company better, and Gary
is a great example.
October Employee in the
Spotlight: Sugi
The glue that holds this place
together, Sugi is the
overseer of all things
financial at Acropolis. She
has been Controller since
1999 and has been
instrumental in running a
financially sound company.
We would like to call
attention to our client
Simmons Hanly Conroy
this month! Their
charity event Miles for
Meso was a great
success and supports
cancer research and the
victims of mesothelioma.
We will be back next year!

Tech Talk
Annual Business Solutions
Marketplace and Luncheon
We are so excited to announce that for the
first time we LIVE broadcasted our
Business Tech Talk on top of the
360 Hilton Hotel. We are having an open
Q&A with our experts Pat and Mel on
October 19th at 1 pm Central.
Acropolis was well represented by our VP
of Business Development, Barton, and our
Account Manager, Denyail! We have been
proud members of the ALA Gateway for six
years now and we were very pleased at
the turn out this year at the Marketplace.
What a great way to network!
300 Hunter Ave., Suite 103
Clayton, Mo 63124