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Outsourcing Isn't A Dirty Word: Meet Your IT Team's New Best Friend - Managed Services
Posted by Michael H Brown
Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) generally don't have the resources to fully support all IT infrastructure needs. Even if your business has one or several in-house IT technicians on payroll, they're often so bogged down by routine daily tasks that their talent is wasted. The very core of your business infrastructure is jeopardized if they're overworked and vulnerable to error. This employee isn't adding nearly as much value to your business as they should be. It's not a good place for them or you.
According to the research group Gartner, over 65% of IT budgets go towards tasks that do nothing more than keep the lights on. This means SMBs investing in their technology aren't necessarily improving operations and efficiency or enhancing their security. They're just keeping the wheels turning.
Download our E-Guide "Outsourcing Isn't A Dirty Word: Meet Your IT Team's New Best Friend- Managed Services" where we discuss how a hybrid approach, utilizing managed services, cloud services, and internal IT support can help SMBs achieve greater return on investment (ROI) on their IT costs while allowing existing in-house IT resources to be channeled into more valuable development roles.
101 Fun Things to Do with Kids This Summer
Posted by Ilene Jacobs

Do you or your nanny need help thinking of kid-friendly activities for summer? Here are great ideas to get you started.

Summer may be a time to relax, but tell that to kids who are bouncing off the walls or shrieking "I'm bored" every five minutes. How can parents and nannies keep kids entertained, active and out of trouble for an entire summer?
The trick is to plan ahead. Brainstorm ideas for things to do now, so you don't wind up spending the entire summer watching cartoons.
Jill Tipograph, summer expert and founder of Everything Summer, suggests that you: "Take advantage of those bright sunny days and warm summer nights and plan something new a couple of times a week." Jesse Koller, of Play, Create and Explore, holds regular art workshops for local kids. "We have a blast focusing on mostly process art and projects, as well as some sensory activities."
So start creating your summer bucket list today. If you need inspiration, we've come up with 101 things that will keep kids happy -- and you sane.
Hey families, want help making your way through this list? Print it out and give it to your nanny to do with your kids, or hire a new nanny or babysitter to entertain them this summer. If you're a nanny, follow this list to keep you and your charges busy all summer long.
Read more tips here.
Message from CEO
What You Could Expect If You Have a Data Breach
If you have a data breach, expect to get a letter from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) asking for various documentation and information.  At first, it can be intimidating, but if you have completed a security risk analysis, you most likely have the information available.  If you have not, the following information is useful in knowing what you need in your office to make sure you have all your ducks in a row
The first thing they are going to ask you for is an admission, denial, or a statement indicating that you  have obtained insufficient evidence to make a determination regarding the allegations.  After that, they will want to see documentation of your internal investigation.  Be prepared to have a response that you could send them.   Continue Reading Here.
Sheryl J. Cherico,
CEO/COO, Co-Founder
Case Study: Before Tier3MD...
This new practice required a solid network infrastructure built from the ground up and ready to go with EMP/EHR on opening day...
"Tier3MD has brought a new level of efficiency to the practice. Downtime is practically non-existent, and our patients are winners in the end."
Amy Hoke
Practice Manager
Dr. Michael Quinones
Click here to see the case study
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