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 E 911 Regulations Impacting your Phone System
 Mitel MiVoice Office End of Sale
 Migration Options
February 2022
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Please be Aware!
 We are still finding many organizations are not aware of the latest government regulations. Consequently, this may have an impact on your business. We also found that there have been modifications to Kari's Law that you may not be aware of in the past year. Below is a brief description of the regulations, including links that will provide you with more detail.

Kari's Law*

Kari's Law requires multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) manufactured, imported, offered for first sale or lease, first sold or leased, or installed after the compliance date of February 16, 2020. The first part of the law addresses that there cannot be a required prefix when calling 911. The MLTS MUST let a caller who has dialed 911 reach an outside line. The second part of the law states that the MLTS must provide notification to the front desk, security, and/or administrative personnel. This notification must include information that a 911 call is occurring, the phone number that dialed 9-1-1, and the location of where the call was placed.

Additional information can be found at  FCC Requirement and FCC FAQ.


RAY BAUM'S Act emphasizes the importance of making dispatchable location information from all 911 calls available to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) regardless of the technological platform used. The FCC states, "dispatchable location means a location delivered to the public safety answering point (PSAP) with a 911 call that consists of the validated street address of the calling party, plus additional information such as suite, apartment or similar information." It was updated on January 6, 2022 to include all non-fixed devices.

Additional information can be found at FCC Requirement and FCC FAQ.

*Please Note:
Neither this announcement nor the additional information constitutes legal advice. We encourage you to reach out to experienced telecom counsel regarding all the new 911 calling changes relevant to your Mitel MLTS solution and any responsibilities you may have in respect of your Mitel MLTS. Please be alert to updates and notifications.
Mitel MiVoice Office End of Sale
 As many of you may be aware, Mitel has announced the End of Sale for MiVoice Office 250/ HX/5000 Platform.

Why the Change?

Mitel has seen a significant change in the SMB market and, most notably, a shift of market demand to cloud services, IP technologies and software-based UC applications. This has been a trend observed over the last few years, but recent world events have caused the pace of change to accelerate. Due to this shift, Mitel has decided to initiate the end-of-life process for the MiVoice Office 250 solution in the US, Canada, Australia, and Caribbean region.

The following table shows the lifecycle milestones for MiVoice Office 250 and Application Suite. Application Suite has the extended part availability and support due to its recent increase as the work style and environments are changing. Please note that dates shown beyond the formal end of new sale milestone are planned dates at this time and could extend further based on supply and demand.

BSB is committed to providing their customers with ongoing service and support throughout the Life Cycle and beyond. However, this may be an excellent opportunity to begin discussions with your Account Executive about migrating to a new solution or to have a better understanding of what this means for your organsization. Mitel is currently offering significant discounts with on-premise and cloud offerings. Click here to schedule a free consultation.
 MiVoice Office 250 Lifecycle Milestones


What Are Your Options?
 Most of our customers who utilize MiVoice Office have had that system in place for more than 15 years. Considering how long that is, it must be very upsetting that it is being phased out now. We completely understand! However, change often provides an opportunity for improvement, which is certainly true in this case.

The End of Sale of MiVoice Office offers businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology advancements and promotions on a wide range of premise and cloud solutions.
 Which Solution is Right For Your Business a Premise Phone System or Moving to the Cloud?

Both sides of the debate have strong arguments, so making a decision can be challenging. Maybe you are interested in the flexibility of mobile access but are concerned about the security and privacy of your data. Alternatively, perhaps you prefer a desktop-based phone system, but you cannot afford the high initial cost. There are many factors to consider before deciding on a cloud or on-premise solution in either case.
 The BSB team realizes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for this type of decision. As each organization has different requirements, these must be taken into account when examining the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the cloud. With the expertise and skills of our Account Executives, we can guide you through the entire decision-making process and help you select the right solution to meet your business requirements. 
 Whatever your needs are BSB can customize and design the perfect solution for you 
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 Option #1

 Want a Premise Solution?

 MiVoice Business is the answer

However large or small the business may be, they are seeking a comprehensive communication system that supports the continuous performance of individuals and teams. Using MiVoice Business, you can have unified communications along with collaboration, desktop telephones, and contact centers for a simple and efficient way to manage communications. The embedded mobility solution offers employees the flexibility of communicating between each other from wherever their business may take them, without incurring additional mobility costs.


Total commercial and deployment flexibility through a traditional upfront CapEx model or via the simplicity of a subscription model while assisting your modernization process by enabling you to stay on-premise or to modernize to Private or Public Cloud.

MiVoice Business Subscription uses the exact same communication, collaboration and contact center applications as MiVoice Business. Users have access to the same easy-to-use features and functionality whether they're in the main office, working from a remote location or on the road.

A subscription model allows for faster adoption of newer technologies in combination with a more flexible license model where you pay for what you use delivering significant value by paying monthly on a subscription basis. You get upgrades with full control over upgrade and maintenance windows.

Migrate to a MiVoice Business and SAVE 40% off
  • 40% off MiVoice Business Virtual for Enterprise
  • 40% off CX II Controller and 40% off MiVoice Business Enterprise SW for 3300 (no users)
  • 40% off CX II Controller and 20% off MiVoice Business Enterprise SW for 3300 (with 16 users)
  • 35% off UCCv4.0 Entry User for MiVoice Business x1 license and UCCv4.0 STND User for MiVoice Business x1
  • 25% off UCCv4.0 Entry User for MiVoice Bus x50 and UCCv4.0 STND User for MiVoice Bus x50
Make the Switch to Monthly Subscription
Service Plans and Save 20% off
 On-Premise customers migrating to MiVoice Business Subscription or MiCloud Flex
  • 20% off List Price on Basic IPT, UCC Standard and UCC Standard Plus Meetings user licenses.
 Mitel is offering significant promotions on both its on-premises and cloud offerings Let us help you align your communication goals for 2022  
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 Option #2

 Move to Cloud but you still want the BSB hands-on Support

 BSB Elevate has you covered

Enjoy a consultative, BSB led sales approach, streamlined onboarding, and ongoing support and management from your trusted BSB team.

Trusted Relationships:
BSB Elevate a Unified Communications as a Service (UCCAS) lets you purchase through BSB Communications. Once the contract is complete, the trusted BSB brand underpins your onboarding, service delivery, and ongoing management.

Robust Solution:
Meet business challenges and opportunities with a nimble communications platform that's easy to implement and easy to use. BSB Elevate offers the scalability, reliability and security required by today's remote and hybrid organizations.

Reliability and Local Support:
BSB Elevate is powered by a cloud management platform with a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement. This means you benefit from the five pillars of our Worry-Free Experience - security, reliability, onboarding, support, and regulatory compliance. With BSB's local support services and onsite support options, we can assist you in every stage of your transition to the cloud and beyond.
 Option #3

 Move to Mitel's / Ring Central's Cloud

 BSB and RingCentral will work closely to ensure a seamless migration experience, you and your team will be up and running in no time. You will get access to world-class-leading features and functionality with industry-leading reliability with 99.999% uptime.

RingCentral MVP integrates phone, video, meetings, and messaging into one reliable, easy-to-use solution, and it also integrates with cloud and back-office business applications. This one-stop service saves costs and delivers the synergy of linking various modes of communication and eliminates the management, unwieldy billing, and cost tracking associated with multiple vendors. However, the Ring Central solution does not provide the highly personalized support you are accustomed to from BSB
Moving to the Cloud
 Receive 1 month free for each year of new RingCentral MVP service (up to 3 free months) 
 Please get in touch with one of our experienced Account Executives to assist you in designing a solution that will meet your business needs. 
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