BSB/Mitel and Microsoft Teams

Did Your SWA Lapse?

November 2021
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BSB/Mitel and Microsoft Teams


Make the most of your collaboration investment without sacrificing enterprise telephony features


Improve the productivity of your Microsoft Teams users with Mitel’s advanced telephony, contact center and CRM integrations. Choose one of several Mitel telephony integrations with Microsoft Teams for a complete enterprise collaboration, calling and video conferencing solution.

By combining Mitel and Microsoft you’ll get the benefits of a true communications solution, plus the productivity tools that come with Microsoft Teams and Outlook.


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Did Your SWA Lapse?


Getting back on Software Assurance will provide you with access to Mitel's latest security protections, features and functionality to help you drive productivity. In addition, you'll also be ready for the upcoming deployment of the new Mitel One application and able to leverage the Mitel Hardware Update Program.

With this promotion, if your Software Assurance expired in 2020, Mitel will waive the SWA Reenlistment Fees for your MiVoice Business, MiVoice Connect, or MiVoice 5000 platforms as well as their associated applications.

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