Tech Times
March 2017
Backup Blunder: It Looks Like We’ve Drawn The Unlucky Card Again
Mike barely made it through the wet storm driving to work one cold Monday morning just to find that the office was swimming in three inches of water. Unfortunately, all of the company data lived in the computers that are now no more than old fish bowls sitting under the desks on the floor.

But wait! Mike thinks about the backup he just ran on Friday. Where is that pesky USB drive. His assistant always puts it back in his drawer when she is done backing up the computers. Oh no! Mike forgot to leave the drawer unlocked. Slowly, he opens the bottom drawer of his filing cabinet. There in the nice little wicker basket his wife bought him to help organize his things he found the USB drive floating ever so gently on top of the water. Mike slowly reached down to pick up the dripping drive, the last hope for his company data, the key to reviving his organization. What can he do now? He has clients coming in at 10am. The busted water main up the street that flooded their office won’t stop the whole town. Sure he can move the meeting offsite, but does he even have all of the information he needs to continue business today? Worried about your backups? Give us a call to explore a new solution for your business.
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