4 Easy Steps To Secure Your Smartphone,
Tech Times
January 2017
4 Easy Steps To Secure Your Smartphone
There are over 6.5 billion active cell phone subscriptions around the world. It’s not surprising that smartphones have become a new target for hackers. Here are a few easy steps to help you keep your phone secure.
1. Review applications before you download.
Some apps could seriously compromise your privacy. Be sure to review the apps rating, read the user reviews and only download from reputable sources.
2. Set a password on your phone.
While this seems elementary, it is often overlooked and can leave your phone open to intrusion. Without a password, Spyware can be downloaded to your phone without your knowledge and all your activities, calls, texts can be tracked.
3. Watch out for suspicious links.
Links with infections sent in e-mail, SMS or found on social networking sites can impact your phone.
4. Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.
Be cautious about what you do on unsecured.
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4 Easy Steps To Secure Your Smartphone,
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